The Poker Puzzle by Oliver ‘Improva’ Marx Read and Reviewed

So I got another book which I felt would help me think more deeply about my game. It is called The Poker Puzzle and is written by a fellow DeucesCracked member called Improva, his real name is Oliver Marx and he’s from Denmark. Before I bought the book I chatted with him on Skype for awhile and he was very friendly and answered all my questions, he also said that if the book wasn’t to my liking I would get my money back.

I had pretty much decided to buy it anyway because this book is all about making you think about the game, hence the name Poker Puzzle. It really does teach you to think for yourself about situations and solve them. The book is not cheap, it costs $400, but it comes with 2 hours of coaching from Oliver so that made it an instabuy for me.

I’ve spent the last two days reading, re-reading and doing the exercises pretty much non-stop. When I first got the book I read it cover to cover and did all the questions (not the same as exercises) in 6-7 hours, I then got some sleep and when I woke up I started re-reading the book and it made a lot more sense on the second read. Maybe you’ve noticed that I have a bit of an obsessive personality, it’s awesome, especially when I have time to read books and study for several days straight!

I know most of my readers can’t afford Oliver’s stuff and he says it is recommended for 200NL+ players so if you’re playing 100NL and below you probably shouldn’t get it yet. For you guys I recommend Bill ‘billyjex’ Vosti’s book – How to Beat No-Limit 6-max Cash Games.

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#1 caribboy on 07.02.11 at 8:18 pm

Its a great book. It improves my skills thinking about poker alot. Its not just play the cards, its analize what you will do PF and postflop against a type of player. Observing is one of the most important thing in poker, to get an edge on your opponent. I am a microstack player and I am start thinking a lot more what I will do in certain spots. Soory about my english.

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