The Month Is Done

It’s finally over and it’s getting warmer up here in scandinavia.

There’s more light to each day, that’s good. Not many suicidal thoughts left anymore.

It’s almost time to go skiing with the semi-warm winter weather and the sun shining, my parents invited me to a place later in march. Should be fun, it’s been a while since I did the slalom thing (is that an english word or just swedish?), and of course I am bringing my girlfriend, otherwise I’d have to bring books or something.

Pokerwise I got in about 22-23,000 hands this month. That’s pretty weak for me but I can never seem to get in too many hands.

My average is probably around 30,000 hands the last 5 years I’ve been playing. Everytime I try and play more than that, say 45,000 hands, the next month I feel semi burned out. I don’t understand how players like Leatherass do it and get in 100,000+ hands a month consistently.

They must love poker more than I do. I feel kind of sick of poker but I still play, feel kind of forced to. I’d rather play poker than start studying something I don’t want to study, or work somewhere where I have to work 8 hours a day. That’s 30% of my day!

Play poker 2 hours a day, yes thank you.

Then again, there’s no rush. Why force yourself to play if you aren’t in dire need of money? I know many players think that online poker will die and they have to play as many hands now as they can, and I can relate to that, I’m trying to get away from that kind of thinking.

I don’t want to burn myself out grinding more hands than I want to grind. If I make $5k, $10k, $15k doesn’t make a big difference in my life right now. I’m not after big material wealth, although making lots of money would certainly not be harmful, it’s not completely necessary either.

Then again, I could just be trying to rationalize my slacking, slacking is good for you ;)

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