Running Better

Been working alot on my website. I wrote two articles, one on US Poker Sites and one on the Pros and Cons of Gambling (in my experience).

On the poker side I did well today, started off in the red but climbed up to finish the day up 2.4 buyins or so.

On the food side, the missus is making pancakes which I am looking forward to with great delight!!!

I saw Body of Lies yesterday. I’m going to give it about 6.8/10, it was good but not great. Worth watching though if you’re bored.

No poker strategy today! You’ll find tons to read at my other website meanwhile ;)

Ship the ships…

P.S. I’m thinking about starting some PLO (a.k.a Omaha High Poker) but I’m too lazy. And the swings scare me, I’ve always been a big fan of winning consistently.

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