Henri’s Quick Update – 27 October 2007

Yesterday I was lying in bed, tossing and turning because I had tried going to sleep too early. I hate when that happens, you go to bed thinking you’re tired and then you just stare at the ceiling. No complaints though, it’s a good time for me because I always get new ideas when I have time to think.

Today I put my latest idea into action with my Poker eCourse over at my regular website. It’s basically an eBook I had for my last website (a website before texas holdem poker 101) which I decided to dump because it got off bad and it was my first serious poker website.

Anyway, this eCourse is basically that eBook but in a newsletter format, you get one poker tip each week and special news and e-mails from me when I answer reader questions and when I add something spectacular to my website, things like that.

Yesterday I took a day off of poker and just watched a few movies and generally did nothing.

I’m going to workout now then probably hit the sauna (oh what a nice Finnish invention). After that I will probably play some poker.

I have no idea what Dan is up to, he said he was going to “head out”. He’ll have to come here and explain that, don’t you agree? ;-)

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