Poker Hardware – 24″ Westinghouse Review

A new Westinghouse 24″ LCD monitor arrived at my door this week. Excited to upgrade from my 20″, I quickly unpacked it and hooked it up.

Westinghouse 24

First Impressions

Despite the big-ish box, the unit is surprisingly light – it doesn’t weigh any more than my 20″.

It’s REALLY bright. It hurt my eyes a bit before I turned the brightness down, but this may be helpful if it is going to be used as a television.

The picture is amazing. Colors pop crisp and beautiful, and there is no graininess. I played Lord Of The Rings for 15 minutes, it looked awesome.

The housing is slick. It has a glossy, stylish look, no buttons or unsightly interfaces on the front of the panel.
There is a glass bezel along the bottom that looks really cool, too.

I played poker for about an hour, there’s such a difference on a big wide-screen monitor.  My eyes were relaxed and the tables were big and clear.

I Run Bad

To my dismay, I spotted a dead pixel in the center of the screen horizontally, and about 3.5″ up from the middle vertically – right where my gaze falls.

I’d be happy to keep the unit if there was a dead pixel in the lower-left corner or something, but dead center is unacceptable to me.

I called, they gave me the runaround about needing 8+ dead pixels(lol) to return a unit.

Fortunately, Westinghouse customer support was friendly and helpful. They got me set up with a RMA number and I sent it off to be replaced.

Unfortunately, now I have to wait 2-3 weeks to get my replacement unit. Most online reviews said no dead pixels, I guess I just run bad in dead-pixel draws, haha.

Aside from the dead pixel issue, I highly recommend this monitor for anyone looking to upgrade. It’s slick, the picture is stunning, and it’s a great price at $350 after mail-in rebate from

If you don’t want to deal with online, you can get it at bestbuy for $550.

You do run the risk of a dead pixel, but most units are clear and if it’s in a bad location (or you have 2+) Westinghouse will replace it.

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#1 Alex Kay on 12.10.07 at 9:43 pm

Nice review Dan, sorry to hear about the dead-pixel(s)… Hope you’ll get it back soon :)

#2 henry on 12.24.07 at 11:54 pm

well, the us bestbuy site has some 24″ westinghouse monitor for $379, maybe that’s an update?

I found this page because a month ago, I walked into a bestbuy (canada) and I found that the westinghouse monitors even at 720i looked so much better than any other brand (by far, it was so stunning) even the 1080p ones!

Why is this so? please, someone explain, is it some different technological twist?

#3 Dan on 12.30.07 at 1:21 am

Not sure, I just checked bestbuy’s website and the 24″ is back up to $5xx, maybe it was a short promotion? If you see it a gain jump on it, it’s a fantastic monitor.

I agree about picture quality, I don’t know why but the westy’s just look so much better than all the other monitors they have up, even LGs and Samsungs.


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