Poker Coaching And Crappy Weather

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it but I am doing some coaching with Jason Ho at the moment. I am satisfied with him so far.

I’ve been through so many coaches in the years I’ve been playing, some not so good, some outright ‘WTF ARE YOU DOING?’ and some awesome!

Jason Ho goes somewhere between good and awesome, I don’t know yet. Tomorrow I’ll have my 6th session with him, it’s going to be about 3-betting. I’ll give you guys a summary once we’re done, that way maybe I can retain some of the lesson as well.

He’s helped me get my game back on track after I’ve been running badly for a long time. I only play around 30,000 hands a month so a longer bad stretch takes awhile for me to get through.

Oh yes, the crappy weather. I think I jinxed it last time. Today there was a snow-storm and I had to walk to my ju-jutsu class and then straight from ju-jutsu a friend picked me up and we went to aikido class.

My body feels crushed with back to back classes.

I’ll report back tomorrow!

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