Pacman And Poker

Today I woke up, lying there in bed, I felt incredibly weak. I wonder why, I drank a lot of water before bed so it couldn’t be dehydration. Maybe something I ate? Who knows.

Then I proceed to get a glass of water and it smells and tastes like some kind of raspberry concoction, and I’ve never drank something like that from that glass, so I have no idea what was going on.

It’s nice though, I enjoy those times when you don’t really understand what is going on and you’re staring at the wall trying to figure it out, then you just relax and enjoy the fact that you might be going insane.

That’s an awesome feeling.

I read a great article today on Leveling Up by Steve Pavlina. It struck a few inside my mind regarding poker and how hating poker isn’t going to get me anywhere, pretty obvious you might say, but I’ve found that it’s easier to say “yeah no shit sherlock” than to actually apply it when you’re sitting there at the table getting owned by some tardemperor.

Although those thoughts did cross my mind before I read that article. It’s interesting how coincidences happen.

I’m sitting there thinking about purple birds for three days and then someone like Steve Pavlina posts pictures about purple birds, it’s confirmation, someone is saying “yes sir, you are on the right path”.

Obi-Wan, is that you?

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