Negative Effects of Gambling

Alright, I couldn’t wait any longer. I love to hate.

1. You Can Meet Some Pretty Shady People

If you’re not careful!

Here’s one example. I had a coach which I came in contact through CardRunners about 1½ years ago. He was claiming to be winning 8ptbb/100 at $2/4NL so I thought okay I’ll try some coaching.

I sent him like $1,100 or something for a 10 hour-block and I did 3 hours of that block and then just thought fuck this, this guy isn’t teaching me enough stuff that I want to keep going. So I said, I want my money back, he said okay, I’ll send it to you as soon as I can.

Needless to say, 1½ years later he was been promising to send the money to me and nothing has happened. He still owes me $700.

I mean these kind of things just piss me off. What kind of morals do you have if you keep jerking someone around? I’ve been trying to be nice versus this guy but he’s just been avoiding me and saying he doesn’t have money, but my patience is very thin now.

If you’re a poker player, you should easily be able to pay someone their money back. I mean he had my money, what did he do? Spend it and never earn any money ever again? He should easily be able to send me $50-100 a month to pay his debt off but I guess he’s just hoping I’ll go away and forget about it?

This is sickening, why do people do this?

2. The Swings Can Be Brutal

I’m not going to lie to you and say that poker is a dance on roses and an awesome game where you win lots of gold coins and get the princess at the end.

It’s more like you get some gold and then get shafted by Shrek the green god of variance.

This is why it helps to have rakeback when you play, atleast then when you’re running like a paeorjafshzn you get some monies because you play! ;)

I’ve been playing for almost 5 years and I’m beginning to feel like I want to do something else. Maybe coaching or something? I’ve been talking with Tommy a bit about this, but I am still not sure how to go about it.

My coaching would most likely be on the other things of poker, tilt, money management (not much needed there, have lots of money and you’re good!),  game selection and all that stuff. Basically the discipline side of the game.

A bit of a tangent there, let’s get on to the next point.

3. Addiction

I wish I was addicted to this game. It would be awesome to be addicted because I would make so much money. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be a winner and just want to play all the time? Money, money, money!

But if you think about it, nothing of value can be bought with money, pretty deep, right?

Oh yeah, addiction, trying to keep my focus here.

I guess some people who aren’t winners get addicted. My thinking is that if they don’t have poker to be addicted to it will just be something else. Maybe I just want to think that way because it makes it easier for me to justify all this and bla bla bla. Mind loops, they go on forever. Maybe I am really thinking that I’m thinking that or just this or that or whaat.

Here’s a picture of my gf’s dog, dogs are good for poker, they ease the pain of poker!


Until next time ORCS

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