My Life Story – Part IV (Series)

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The Big Bump

After I returned from my trip to Aiya Napa I again started getting into the poker groove again. I decided to try an experiment, My plan was to deposit $600 into a poker room and grow it from there. In 2 months I had managed to grow it from $600 to $7500 when I hit what was to be the worst stretch of cards I had encountered in my No-Limit Hold’em career.

I played 50,000 hands (almost 2 months) of break-even poker. And this stretch of luck was truly crazy and was enough to put a normal person in a mental hospital. I just kept getting unlucky in big pots. I played well and got my money in as good as I could but I could not win, this is how poker goes sometimes and if you are a professional poker player you have to be prepared for it.

I had a good companion during this whole stretch of cards, and that companion was experience. I knew that several good players were experiencing these kind of crazy stretches of variance and I knew I was playing good since I was discussing hands with friends and coaches.

I also knew that I would get through this and I would start to win again, and it wasn’t long until I got my bankroll to almost $10,000 total from that initial $600. I then decided to switch poker rooms to a euro based room. I put in €1,000 and got my bankroll to €9,600 including rakeback.

This brought my total roll to over $20,000 and my experiment was a success. I had turned that $600 to over $20,000 and was very happy about it. Poker was chugging along nicely again, I’d gotten myself through the storm of break even madness.

Buying a New Apartment

In late July I started thinking about moving out, I felt the need to get my own apartment. I’ve always been the kind of person who needs a certain amount of solitude. I started searching for places to rent in my hometown without success and one day I remember an apartment building that was in construction.

I walked by it a few times a week when I was visiting my grandma in Tornio, Finland. Just a walk away from my Swedish apartment. I talked to my dad about it and he agreed that it was a good idea to buy an apartment. He looked it up and it turned out there were only a few spots left. I was lucky with the timing because immediately after I reserved my apartment someone was asking to reserve the same one, and the whole house filled up quickly. Seems like a popular spot!

There is a different system in Finland when it comes to apartments. In Finland you can buy an apartment and when you’ve paid it, there are no more fees (except maintenance which is $80 per month). In Sweden you make a smaller deposit but you still have to pay fees that can be up to $600 a month even after you’ve “bought” it. I much prefer the Finnish way of handling things when it comes to apartments, they are much better investment objects.

September 2007 – Starting a Website and Blog

After I bought my apartment and settled down, ideas started popping into my head about what kind of website I wanted to build. I started from scratch and built Texas Holdem Poker 101 which is a free website that I update weekly.

After a few weeks I joined the Blog Mastermind which is a subscription site by Yaro Starak. If you are interested in starting a profitable blog then I highly recommend it. In short it has weekly lessons to keep you on track and one of the friendliest forums I’ve ever come across.

Congratulations, you are now up-to-date on my life. Check back from time to time as I will keep updating this page a few times a year to keep you guys posted on what is happening in my life.

Thanks for reading!

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#3 David on 12.30.07 at 12:37 am

Hello and happy holidays … I must say you have had a wonderful experience thru your life story and I am pleased to find you did take like’s abnormalties with great respect.
I happened upon your site, and find it very informative and well done.
May I ask for your permission to use articles from your site to be placed into our online monthly magazine at varied times.

I have had similiar experiences in my life .. but recently cannot play due to a lack of bankroll problems .. and have not been able to really save enough to get back into the game. With family expenses quite high, most of my funding goes toward this and my son’s education.

Know any good sponsers??? LOL
Again your permission in granting us the OK! for article placement would be appreciated.
Like to keep in touch with you, via email with varied subject conversation. Also if you like some of the articles I write and post on my website to be inserted into your website content for your readers, I would like that! Please advise. Awaiting your reply David

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