I’m Protesting

I’ve been playing online poker for almost 5 years. Sometimes I just really have to force myself to play.

So yesterday I really felt the force, my mind was saying that I have to play. Make more money now or you’ll be broke in the future.

I just thought okay, I’m not playing. I always have these fun games with my mind where I notice it saying something ridiculous and I instantly object.

For example, if I have to take out the garbe and hear “Maybe later, I can do other stuff now” in the back of my head”. That instantly triggers my alarm bell. I then force myself to take out the garbage right away just to show my mind who’s boss.

That’s what I’m doing now. Protesting vs. my mind and it’s ridiculous fears and beliefs of needing more money all the time.

I’ve always been a fan of living simply. I don’t know why but I just like to really cut my expenses. I have no qualms about buying an apartment because that’s an investment, and a sound one.

But buying a nice car, TVs, watches, unnecessary subscriptions, eating out all the time and those kind of things I just avoid.

I’m not like most when it comes to these things but I like it ;-)

Tomorrow I’m heading to some Aikido seminar deep in Finnish terroritory. We shall be what comes of it.

I have to wake up at 4AM so that’s already a bad start.

See you guys next week. Keep protesting your minds!

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