4 Good Things About Gambling

I’ve been whining so much about poker lately, it’s time to go through some of the good things about gambling!

1. Gambling Gives Me Flexibility

I get to choose my own hours, my own vacations and my working space.

2. Gambling Gives Me Lé Challenge

It’s fun to bump heads on the poker table. It’s war! The chips are my soldiers and I’m sending them to the battlefield in order for them to recruit more chip-like-friends!

3. Gambling Is Profitable (FOR ME)

I make decent money playing only a few hours a day and it isn’t that hard. Atleast not from my perspective, it’s work of course but it flows naturally, I guess i’m used to it. For most people it isn’t profitable, but they aren’t working hard enough, oh and btw, if you’re thinking about becoming a professional gambler, don’t ;-)

4. Poker Rooms Offer Cool Rewards

Rakeback, VIP programs, travel packages to tournament, Porches (go pokerstars) are all cool. I especially like rakeback since it’s cash and you get it every month. I’m not so fond of the VIP programs that offer STUFF, I like stuff but I don’t like it that much, it’s too easy to just have tons of stuff all around the house and you never use 95% of them.

So I’ve decided to just not accumulate lots of stuff. I’m focusing on the money and investing instead!

I think that’s my list of the good things about gambling. I could probably come up with more but I won’t, you guys have to think for yourselves! Those are the main points and they should do.

And btw, people who think gambling is negative and should be banned are stupid and should go somewhere else. You can’t decide what people can and can’t do, if degens can’t give away their money at gambling or poker then they’ll do it at something else, like heroin? Who knows.

I’ll write an article on the negative effects of gambling soon but for now, focus on the good things about gambling!

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