Getting Into HU Play – Initial Impressions

Hey guys, sorry for the long delay between posts. I came down with a sinus infection and have been under the weather for about a week, though I am finally starting to feel better.

I’m getting into HU play, donking around at 2/4 and seeing how the game is. I really enjoy it, there’s lots of mind-games and great opportunities for profit.

The first thing that strikes me is how swingy the game is compared to 6max. I’ll swing up or down 5-6 BIs pretty consistently, whereas at 6max a 5BI downswing is a once-or-twice a week type thing.

It’s alot of fun, and it will help you develop your hand-reading if you focus and 1-2 table. I’ll be talking about HU a bit over the coming weeks, along with all the usual goodies, so keep an eye out!

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