Everything You Wanted To Know About Poker Hardware – LCD Monitors

This new series entitled “Poker Hardware” will cover the different computer hardware that is available.

Spanning everything from mice to monitors, I’ll go over specific items that make your online poker experience better than ever before.

LCD Monitors

LCDs take up much less space than old CRTs, they look cool, and they have larger viewable areas which is key for poker.

A good monitor is a must-have for any serious player.

The Basics

Some tables are re-sizable, but they still look best in their original size.

If you are multi-tabling then being able to put up four tables with no overlap is optimum.
This means that the minimum resolution for your ideal monitor is 1600×1200 pixels.

This is the amount of data the monitor displays, not necessarily its size in inches.

Which brings us to…

How Big Do I Need?

If you are only playing 1-2 tables, and don’t mind a little overlap or can re-size tables, then you have many options.

Anything from 17″ to 19″ should suit your needs just fine, there are lots of inexpensive monitors in this range.

However, to 4-table comfortably you need a 20″ minimum, 1600×1200, like this: Samsung 20″

or, slightly more expensive: Planar 20″

If you play more tables, you can buy a pair of the above monitors and do a dual-screen setup.

For those with a laptop, or who just want more real estate on your desk, there are a number of attractive options in the 24″-28″ range.

LG 24″
This is a clean, crisp monitor. It’s getting a bit on the expensive side, but it’s well made and looks good.

Westinghouse 24″
This is a really slick monitor. It’s got a sleek design, and after viewing it in person at BestBuy the picture quality blows away all the other monitors on display, even ones $250 more or 4″ bigger.

I just ordered one of these, I’ll write a review on it when I get it later this week!

Acer 26″
After viewing this in person it has decent picture quality, the big thing is the price – you get a 26″ monitor for the same price as many 24″ or even 22″ monitors!

HannsG 28″
Similar to the Acer, the HannsG has decent picture quality, but poor viewing angles.
This means if you are 45 degrees to the left or right the picture gets dark and hard to see.

Again, super-cheap for such a mammoth monitor. There are some better quality 26″-28″ monitors out there, but they are near the price of our next category, so I skipped them.


If you want to go all-out, and you have the expensive dual-DVI graphics card to support them, these monitors will blow you away.

Most laptop owners (like myself) wont be able to support these monitors, since only super-high-end laptops have the necessary video card at this point.

Dell 30″
I know a few people who have this beast, and they love it. If you can afford the price tag and have the computer hardware to support it, it’ll blow you away.

Gateway 30″
This is it, the king monitor.
With every input imaginable, amazing picture quality, USB ports, a remote control, optional attachable speakers, this has it all!

I’ll follow up with my review of the Westinghouse in a few days. Happy Shopping!

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